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About the Guidebook

This 20-page PDF guidebook is the result of my 5-week pilgrimage through France of summer 2016, and seeks to answer all the basic questions about undertaking such a journey. It’s based on the extensive writing and research I carried out on the ground, and by speaking to other walkers. I tried to distill the information down into the simplest and most useful format possible, using these ten questions as my mini-chapters:

Q1: What is the Via Podiensis – Chemin du Puy?
Q2: How does it compare to the Camino Francés in Spain?
Q3. How much will it cost me?
Q4. Do I need to know French for this walk?
Q5. Do I have to be very fit to do the walk?
Q6. Is navigation on the walk difficult?
Q7. What equipment should I take?
Q8. Where will I stay during the walk?
Q9. What’s the best guidebook to use?
Q10. What is it like to be a modern pilgrim?
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Thanks – Tom.


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