Setting Out – Some Thoughts

Walk Across France: The Via Podiensis Pilgrimage Route Walking boots, rain gear, one man tent – check. Torch, first aid kit, sunglasses – check. My life once again has come down to accumulating a pile of stuff in preparation for a trip. It’s a cool feeling, but also a nervy one as you start thinking... Continue Reading →


Video: Lessons from the Way Part 2

Last week I posted a link to a video I made on the lessons learned from my time walking across France. Here’s part two! Talking once again from the kitchen table, this time I discuss: 1. How vulnerable the body can be, and how to look after it 2. My realisations about what religion means... Continue Reading →

Video: Lessons from the Way Part 1

Hey there. For this week and next I thought I’d change mediums…it’s time for some videos. For these ‘chats from the kitchen table’ I revisit the pilgrimage I undertook earlier this year. I wanted to make one video discussing the ten lessons I took away from my experience, but it turns out that would’ve been... Continue Reading →

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