Via Podiensis: A day in Le Puy

Yesterday’s post dealt with how I got to the start line of the Via Podiensis. For various reasons I’ll explain below, today I spent the day in Le Puy rather than setting out straightaway. This wasn’t part of the plan, but actually things worked out nicely. Pilgrims definitely should consider spending a day in wonderful,... Continue Reading →


Via Podiensis: How I got to Le Puy

Greetings pilgrims, and readers. I’m currently sitting in the Gites des Capucins which sits directly on the GR65 route – the Road to Santiago itself. In my last post I promised the next few weeks will be given over to the Via Podiensis pilgrim’s route through France – how to do it, why to do... Continue Reading →

Via Podiensis Day 32: Aroue to Ostabat-Asme

Thinking today’s stage would be shorter, I laid in ’til 7 and didn’t set off ’til 9. Within one hour of leaving the gite, though, I’d taken a wrong turn and was heading in completely the wrong direction… Today’s Costs €1.50 – overpriced can of Fanta €15.50 – gite in Ostabat €10.89 – groceries in... Continue Reading →

Via Podiensis Day 31: Sauvelade to Aroue

I woke this morning with my leg feeling a world better. I set myself a more ambitious stage, not realising quite how long the walk would be. But while I hiked the entire day on my lonesome, plenty of incidents kept me entertained along the way… Today’s Costs €6.50 – groceries in Navarrenx €1.00 –... Continue Reading →

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